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Urology continence care and advice

WyMedical lead the way with innovative products and services that put customer needs first. The WyMedical team have extensive experience and comprehensive understanding of the Urology service needs. This extends not only to product robustness and confidence, but to the clear need for convenience, dignity and practical aspects that this important health service provides.

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WyCath Urethral and Meatal Dilators

WyCath Meatal Dilators
On our hydrophillic coated meatal dilators, the coating is activated by adding tap or bottle water to the sleeve of the dilator. WyCath meatal dilators are available in 2 styles.

WyCath Meatal Dilatation Guide

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WyCath H2O Catheters

WyCath H2O Soft Tip
The WyCath H2O range consists of a hydrophilic coated catheter with an integral water sachet which can be activated simply by pressing the button.

Why WyCath Catheters?

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WyCath Uncoated Catheters

WyCath Neonatal Uncoated Catheters 5ch
The WyCath nelaton range of intermittent catheters are uncoated and come in a range of tip including a Soft tip catheter our most popular product due to it's ease and comfort on insertion.

WyCath Soft Tip 4 Eyelet Catheter

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